Calendar for Preston - Noted

It is always interesting to hear where some bands get their names. Sometimes, they are sitting around brainstorming and see something on the wall that seems too irresistible; sometimes, they name themselves after an obscure movie line they can’t forget. And sometimes, band names just happen to come from writing lyrics in the calendar of your blackberry, nicknamed Preston.

“We were just staring at the printouts of my lyrics from my Blackberry everyday while writing,” says vocalist Stephen Jordan. “At the top of every sheet it said ‘Calendar for Preston’ and it just hit us one day that it would work.”

Jordan and the rest of Calendar for Preston all met by chance in late 2006, and after playing together a little, they realized they had something. After switching some instruments around, and adding a new drummer to the mix, the solid lineup was: Joey Sexton on guitar, Tom Gutman on bass and keys, Ryan Harris on drums and Jordan taking on the vocals.

They started playing their brand of passionate pop with catchy riffs around Columbus and were quickly noticed. They signed on to have their music featured on Major League Baseball’s web site and other events, which lead them to start thinking about recording.

The group traveled to Philadelphia to work with Grammy-award-winning producer David Ivory, who has worked with the Roots and Erykah Badu. They were there for months hammering out their forthcoming album Paint by Numbers.

“It was just good to get out of town to work on it,” says Jordan. “It felt like we were doing something bigger.”

The hooks and catchiness of Paint by Numbers interlaced with the passionate story-telling lyrics make it stand out as your not-so-typical pop-rock album.

“The album is really just about mirages,” says Jordan. “It’s kind of about how you just think everything is going to be the typical get married, get a house, have a family happiness mentality and how it can be a mirage.”

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