Couch Forts - Building Ease

A Couch Forts song buries the listener under dense layers of banjo plucking, strums of electric guitar and swirling violins. Cushion after cushion, the three members build up a melody on stage that encompasses the audience with a sound that causes their feet to stomp and heads to nod until they are trapped in the fun that show brings.

“I think the idea is to try and create as much noise as we possibly can between the three of us,” guitar player and vocalist Owen Kelley says. “We’ve tried to add more to it, but we always seem to come back to just the three of us – it just works best that way.”

Kelley met violinist Matt Opachick in 2007, while attending Capital University. They got to know each other in music classes, and after finding out that he played violin, Kelley asked him to add to a couple of songs he’d written. After realizing that they had something, the two decided to ask banjoist Tyler Evans to enter the fold. They’ve been spreading their folksy, playful brand of music around every venue in Columbus since.

“I think we’re really just Indie Bluegrass maybe,” Opachick says. “We have a lot of ‘folk’ in our music, but that seems to be the best way to describe it.”

Already with two EPs to their credit, Couch Forts are hoping to put out their first full-length album this fall. The group is heading to a rural Pennsylvania cabin with no electricity in hopes of trying to capture something more on their record.

“It’s going to be great out there with nothing but lanterns and candles while we’re playing,” Kelley says. “Hopefully, at night, we’ll be able to look up and see some stars.”

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