Tin Armor - Shared Passion

The original three members of Tin Armor came together in 2006 not knowing much more about each other except that they all shared the name Matt and that they all wanted to start a band. A network of mutual friends had been the thread that stitched together the first pieces of the unique indie-pop band that would become a huge success in the Columbus DIY-house-show scene and eventually burst into other venues of the city.

“It was really kind of awkward at first when we got together,” guitarist and vocalist Matt Umland says. “We really didn’t know much about each other, but it didn’t take long to realize that there was something working.”

Umland had come to Columbus looking to play music. Along the way, he met some people from the Cleveland scene who had friends that were moving to Columbus. Those friends, Matt Golightley (bass and vocals) and Matt O’Conke (drums) with Umland were the first inception of Tin Armor. Umland’s brother, John, has recently brought his guitar to the group and become a permanent fixture.

“I know it doesn’t sound so great, but a lot of our songs seem to be centered around disappointment,” John Umland says. “There hasn’t been much of that for us in the band—it just seems to be a common theme.”

Taking inspiration from groups such as The Band, The Smiths and Brendan Small, Tin Armor is working on their follow-up to A Better Place Than I Have Been with something that has a little more than the regular guitars and drums approach.

“We’ve been doing this thing where we look at great bands from the past and try to figure out what it is that makes them so great,” Matt Umland says. “Then we try to take that in our own way for inspiration.”

For more information go to www.tinarmor.blogspot.com