The Montgomery Inn - Dublin Royalty

4565 W. Dublin Granville Rd. Dublin, OH 43017 (614) 791-7427


Evan Andrews has been scrutinizing every inch of Columbus for the perfect spot to plant a Central Ohio location of the in-laws’ family business, The Montgomery Inn.

The Montgomery Inn is well known in Cincinnati for its community oriented restaurants and around the globe for its “World’s Famous” Ribs and Barbecue Sauce. They go to great lengths to ensure that each location is firmly rooted in the community so it may branch out and give back, much like a great Oak. And like an old Oak tree, The Montgomery Inn is stable, dependable, tasteful and timeless.


Dublin proved to be the ideal spot for a Central Ohio Montgomery Inn. Its residency of 60,000 and its 2.4 million square feet of “Class A” office space is just the kind of soil Andrews was searching for, and the Shoppes at River Ridge provided the perfect opportunity to build.


One glance around The Montgomery Inn’s dining room proves that this place is for everyone. The Inn is the dining spot suited for every occasion from birthday parties and business meetings to post little-league soccer game celebrations. Each guest is warmly welcomed, whether their dressed in Armani or Adidas.


The Montgomery Inn has always been dedicated to community. That’s been the rule from square one. Only local architects and tradesmen were called in to erect this edifice, and local craftsmen and framers decorated the Colonial Williamsburg Era interior. The U.S. grown meat and local produce are prepared in the Inn’s $1.5 million, 12,000-square-foot kitchen, stocked with all the best 21st century appliances.

But it’s not the building or the kitchen that make Montgomery Inn so memorable; it’s the service. “People work hard for their money,” says Andrews. “We’ve got to give them the full experience.” From start to finish, their staff works hard to enable each guest to be 100% in control of their entire meal.

Evan and his crew were determined to prove that while Montgomery Inn has the best ribs, they do everything well. Our visit started with the Saratoga Chips and Onion Straws (where other places use this as a garnish, here they encourage you to grab them with your grubby hands and dunk them in the BBQ) accompanied by a delicious sampling of Greek Meatballs, Gulf Shrimp Cantonese, wings and a tormentingly small sampling of the famous ribs.

To make up for the rib teaser, a crisp Wedge of Lettuce smothered in blue cheese dressing with chunks of blue cheese and bacon hit the table, followed by the prerequisite steak knives required to go at this gargantuan boulder of delicious cheese-covered produce.

Before the main event, we were presented with the Inn’s mind-boggling wine list. Amazement came not only from its wonderful selections, but from the fact that all the wines were listed close to or dead on the state minimum.

With the wine poured, our stomachs prepped and new silverware in place, we readied ourselves for the moment we’d all been waiting for. First up was the Grilled Wisconsin Duckling served with orange sherry sauce and, of course, MI’s famous BBQ sauce. This half duckling was so tender it could be easily confused for pulled pork. Next up were the Grilled Pork Chops cut extra thick and grilled just right to maintain their moist and flavorful character. When pork tastes this good, it’s hard to order anything else.

But that’s when we heard the trumpeting fanfare and saw the banners and confetti stream across the vaulted ceiling. The Slabs of World Famous Barbecued Baby Back Ribs had arrived in style.
Each entree was paired with a bright and steamy baked sweet potato. When we dumped the cinnamon butter on top and dug in, there was a moment when we seriously thought dessert had come early.

After ingesting a king’s share of world-class meat and potatoes, nothing could make us eat a bite more. That was until the hot Chocolate Volcano Cake with vanilla Graeter’s and a giant slab of Carrot Cake appeared. Like magic, we suddenly found room.

It wasn’t till the end of this barbecue ball that we noticed the place was, and had been the entire evening, absolutely packed. And yet never once did any of us feel anything but a sense of privacy and purpose. The folks here at Montgomery Inn are truly dealing out some kind of magic, and we were all happy to fall under their spell.