Jim Lorimer - Legendary Form

This month’s Final Word goes to local business and fitness icon, Jim Lorimer. His commitment to the health and wellbeing of the world is inspiring and marvelling all at once. As a business partner and dear friend to Gov. Schwarzenegger, Lorimer is one person worth listening to.

How long did you work for Nationwide, and what exactly did you accomplish with them? I started working for them when I started my career with the FBI. I was Vice President of Government Relations and worked in the political environment.

Briefly describe your relationship with Gov. Schwarzenegger in a single sentence.
We have always been good and trusting friends. He asked me to give the reading at his wedding, which I did. He asked me to read, because I was the only one of his friends that could read [laughs].

Putting together the Arnold is like…? Putting together a great puzzle. Any undertaking you have which involves many sub-sets, putting them together is a great experience.

What pisses you off? I really don’t get angry. I don’t think anger is a helpful emotion. Whenever you get angry, it’s because you have lost control of yourself. I do become disappointed. But I would say by people who don’t do what they say they’re going to do.

Will the Strongman contest ever eclipse bodybuilding like MMA has boxing? The growth of Strongman competition has been very remarkable in recent years. At the Arnold Sports Festival, we have run the World’s Strongest Man contest for the last eight years. And we bring in the ten strongest men from around the world and they’re all professionals in that sport. So, I’d have to say the promise for the growth of that sport is very significant. At the same time, the sport of Bodybuilding is the second largest sports federation in the world. There are 180 nations who are members of the International Federation of Bodybuilders. Internationally, both of them have great potential.

Power is…? Something you should use with great care.

Suppose you’re walking down Death Row. What was your final meal? My wife's Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey dinners with the trimmings.

Why do you wake up in the morning? When you’re involving some 18,000 youngsters in 44 different sports and events, able to fill 100 hotels in your hometown of Columbus, Ohio and bring some 41 million dollars into the community, and work with thousands and thousands of great people in what I think is the greatest community in the country— well, I think that’s reason enough to get up and get going.