Anthony Schlegel - Strong Words

Who impressed you the most in college?
Coach Tressel. He’s about changing lives. He’s more than a coach; he’s an example.

As a strength coach for a major university football team like OSU, what’s the hardest thing to build, the mind or the body?
At a place like OSU, it’s required to have a certain attitude or “stank,” as I call it. The hardest thing to teach these kids is to do every snap, every routine like it was a real game. That’s when they’ll dominate people.

Which current OSU player reminds you the most of yourself?
Probably Sweat or Simon. They both have a rare capacity for training. They already have the “stank.”

At what point did a sport become a way of life?
When I was 4 years old and I answered everybody: “Anthony Schlegel, fullback.”

What is the most outrageous thing you’ve eaten?
Buffalo tongue and whale.

It has been noted you are a hunter. What’s your game of choice? Wild hogs. I killed 70 last year with nothing more than my dogs and a knife.
What is your favorite tradition from your childhood that you would like to pass on to your children?
Quality time without television. Going on adventures, playing games and eating together. Just making time for each other.

What was your best Halloween costume growing up?
I was always a football player. Even when they told me to change it up, I just added it to football, like zombie football, space football, whatever.

What is your greatest achievement?
Marrying my high school sweetheart, Stephanie, and having my beautiful kids, Hunter and Faith.

What’s your Death Row dinner?
My wife’s chicken pot pie.

What is the difference between winning and losing?
All losses are compromises.

Got a serious pet peeve?
I can’t stand anyone who brags.

Is there something that you can’t say no to?
Chocolate malts.

What animal would you be?
I’d be a 275-pound boar hog with two and one-half-inch cutters.