Dean James Max - Higher Education

What would you select as your perfect ingredient, should you have to choose only one to cook with forever?
Salt. Most people don’t know how to work with salt. They’re scared of it. But using the right salt at the right time is key to great cooking.

What is the greatest restaurant in the world?
I’m still looking. For me, each restaurant is an experience, an experience that captures one great moment in time.

What’s the most memorable dinner scene in a movie?
Babbett’s Feast.

Why Columbus for Latitude 41? Columbus is hip and up-and-coming.
There’s a desire here to see and do things that are interesting. Chefs here are handcrafting, and the people here are genuinely interested in handcrafting, and that’s right up my alley.

The key to great service is …?
Giving the customer everything they want and not getting in their way.

The deathblow to a restaurant is …?
Attitude. I see it all over the country, and it only lasts for a short while before it fades.

What should every diner know about the other side of the table when dining? Servers are people. Just be nice. They’re not perfect. Don’t end up being the joke of the day, because that’s what you are in a restaurant when you are rude.

The most difficult thing to do in life is …?
To slow down.

Happiness is …?
Every minute. If you’re not happy every minute, you’re doing something wrong.

What car do you drive?
A '68 Ford Bronco.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

First dish you learned to make?
Tomato sauce with my mom.