Marty Ackerman - Really Good

What’s one thing you truly hate? What would I get a gun and shoot? Easy – child abuse and poor parenting.


What are you afraid of? That’s a problem. I’m not afraid of anything. You should be, and I’m not (laughs).


What was the hardest part of your early adulthood? Looking back, I know now there are two tragedies in life – getting what you want, and not getting what you want.


What was your first car? A little white Fiat, and it didn’t run half the time.


What is one of the best speeches you’ve heard? Jerry Lee Louis. He was looking at someone who was getting married, and she was so beautiful. He said, “Boy, if God made anything better, he saved it for himself.”


Any pet peeves? When people are rude to waiters.


Growing up, what is something great you learned from your parents? My grandfather taught me to go to work every day. He went to work selling real estate by meeting farmers at 5 am to sell those farms.


Ever get arrested growing up? No, but I got arrested for smashing an air tube at a bank. I was forty, (laughs). Because the guy waiting on me was acting like Joe Slick and being rude, so I ran it over with my car.


Do you have any quirky routines or habits? Sometimes, I don’t like to sleep if I have things to get done. There is a lot going on, and I don’t want to miss anything.


The measure of a woman is her ability to … Never shortchange herself.


What is your favorite restaurant in Columbus? I love Lindey’s.


What do you find yourself saying all the time? Money in, money out.


Columbus is the single best city for… 35-year olds.


What would be your death row dinner ? I just want a cold Pepsi on ice. I don’t want to die with food in my stomach.