Stephanie Hightower - The Art of Success

Define courage.
Courage is taking on those assignments that everyone else wouldn’t dare tackle.

Describe your
death row dinner?
Tenderloin, greens, cornbread, mac and cheese and a Cosmo Martini for dessert.

When you retire, on what three accomplishments will you hang your hat? Raising my son, president of the Columbus School Board, and whatever I am doing before I retire.

The measure of a woman is her ability to? Multi-task.

Is LeBron a deserter?
LeBron is a professional athlete who made a choice that was in his best interest.

What are you afraid of? Drowning.

What is your weakness? Not having enough patience.

Entertainment wise, how would you spend $250 in Columbus?
Drinks at Rigsby’s, a film or exhibition at the Wexner, an OSU basketball game.

Can you beat Mayor Coleman in a race?
It depends on what kind of race you are talking about!

Name the smartest man and woman in town. That is not a fair question since we
have so much talent
in Columbus!

What perfume do you wear? Chanel “Chance.”

Where do you live?
Near east side.

What was the last music you purchased?
CD by Lil Wayne.

Browns or Bengals?
When your uncle is Paul Warfield, what do you think?

Beer, cocktail or wine? Cocktail.

My dad taught me to … ?
Never quit.

My mom taught me to … ?
Be independent.