David Schottenstein - Totally Custom

What was your first job growing up?
First job ever was with my cousin Jeffery selling candy bars and lemonade in front of the governor’s mansion in Bexley, blocking off the street and not allowing anyone to pass unless they bought something. It was like a toll booth.

What fashion trend do you want to see come back?
Pocket watches and hats. There is nothing classier that a beautiful Borsalino fedora. That’s old school. And these days you wear it and look like a maniac.

Do you have a fashion faux pas from your past?
I used to gel my hair really, really heavy. I thought it was real cool. I looked like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals.

What do you hate?
Baggy pants.

The measure of a man is his ability to …
Feel the pain of those in less fortunate situations and give of himself.

What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?
I drove into the West Bank, virtually unprotected, into enemy territory where there were like, boulders being thrown at the vehicle. Literally, I could have been ripped out of the car and torn to shreds.

When was this?
About four months ago. I was in Israel, and I for some insane reason decided to go on this little tour through the West Bank. It was crazy.

What is one treat in Columbus you can’t ever say no to?
Yagööt at Easton, that frozen yogurt place. Their strawberry banana yogurt smoothie is off the charts.

Describe your Death Row dinner in detail?
Freshly made Belgian waffles with Graeter’s vanilla ice cream and a glass of ice cold whole milk. Then I would have crispy veal sweet breads and a red wine reduction sauce from Rare Steakhouse in Miami. And then I would have my wife’s roasted prime rib with her General Tso’s chicken, and her chicken corn chowder soup, and her most chocolaty delicious babka, it’s like a cake dish, to top it off. That’d be it.