Mimi Dane - Living the Dream

What is the greatest thing anyone can donate? One’s heart. The gift of one’s heart may mean an online gift forayearof$10or$25 per month (equal to a cup of coffee a week) or a gift of time and talent. If the gift, whatever it is, comes from the heart, it is the greatest gift of all.

Who is your hero? Paul Newman. He founded the organization that made Flying Horse

Farms possible. He understood from day one that, giving a child with a serious illness the chance to go to camp free of charge and just be a kid, would not only change the child, but the whole family — and every person who is a part of camp. And, he had THE best blue eyes.

Biggest mistake you ever made was? In the early years, not realizing that I was the only one

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who could define what success meant.

At what point will our society become fully actualized? When we live in the present, see the best in each other, and recognize that a simple thank you goes a long way.

What is your favorite holiday and why? Thanksgiving. It is a day to give thanks — BIG thanks to all, a time

for families to gather together and then, there’s the dressing — oyster and herb — and mashed potatoes, corn fritters, Jackie M’s mushroom gravy, good wine, and getting together with good friends who are family.

What is your favorite Columbus restaurant? Lindey’s.

What’s your biggest pet peeve? Texting and

driving, and checking email/BlackBerry messages when at a social event.

Favorite movie?

Dr. Zhivago.

Power is ...Recognizing that being fearless is being free. If one does not take risks and allow one’s team to potentially fail, stagnation sets in. True power is trusting your team, learning from them and taking

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a chance. The founders of Flying Horse Farms took a huge risk, but everyone’s reward is the gift of camp and belly laughs from our campers.

What is the most dangerous thing you’ve done? I drove an old Gremlin until the floorboards were gone and I covered them with cardboard and warned any passengers of the danger.