Scott Stienecker - Live and Direct

Who is your hero?
When I was in collegeat Bowling Green StateUniversity, I engravedinto my dorm lockerthe names Bill Graham,Jules Belkin and JerryWeintraub. As anaspiring businessman,those were my heroes.But today, after havingfound some success, I’dsay my hero is my son.His ability to listen andhis drive are inspiring.
What is your favoriteholiday? St. Patrick’sDay is the most fun. My
roommates in collegewere both Irish, and sobegan the annual party.But Christmas meansthe most to me.
Power is ... ? Beingable to make thingshappen with just aphone call.
If you could changeone thing aboutColumbus, what wouldit be? I would love
to have the cow townimage completely gone.We have gone way pastthat now.
What angers you?
When people seriouslyoffer unfoundedopinions on importantmatters.
What is your favoritelocal restaurant?Right now, I’d say theHubbard Grille, but
it changes almostevery year.
What is the mostimportant thing onecan donate? A lotof people would saytime and be quick todiscount when people
actually put up money.But the two are reallythe same.
What is a memorablequote that had a realimpact on you? WhenI was in my late thirties,I had the pleasure oflistening to Les Wexnerspeak. He said that
as soon as you stopgrowing and takingchances, you wouldbecome stagnant andstop moving forward.And when that happens,someone is going topass you by.
What is your DeathRow dinner? A greatfilet with corn onthe cob, iced tea andtomatoes with sugar onthem. That is the kindof meal I remembergrowing up.
What is the biggestmistake you’ve made?Taking over the AgoraTheatre in Cleveland,Ohio in 1996.
What is the singlegreatest concert youwere responsible for?It would be a close
tossup between thePolaris Eagles showsand the OSU RollingStones show.
What would you sayis more important —talent or creativity?Depends on the job.And if you are anentrepreneur, you bettehave both.
Got a favorite movie?
Hangover.Once a month, C Magazine interviews a prominent Columbus figure to discuss what makes them tick. This month, we chat with PromoWest Productionspresident and live music magician, Scott Stienecker. There’s no doubt be has made more people smile than anyone else in town.