Weightless Spirit - Chris Bryant

Once a month, C Magazine interviews a prominent Columbus figure to discuss what makes them tick. is month, we caught up with celebrated Nike car jumper, Chris Bryant. He is an incredible human being that is sure to change the world.

What is the greatest thing you have overcome? 

I wouldn’t say overcome, but deal with. I have sickle cell anemia, and for me to be able to manage a normal life is really amazing.

Define beauty. 

Beauty is being able to see a person for who they are. 

Is it true that you have a 57-inch vertical jump? 

Yup. I shot a Nike commercial once, and I jumped a bunch of cars… the roofs of the cars! Blake Grin has nothing on me (laughs). I have mad ups for being only 5-foot-10.

What is the greatest thing anyone can donate? 

Their time. Time is the only thing you can’t buy.

Where did you grow up? 


Is LeBron a deserter? 

Not at all. As a fellow athlete, I can’t hate him; he is incredible. He can play in Miami, Cleveland or wherever, but he will always have Akron in his heart.

Who or what is your muse? 

My mom. I never met my father, so she was my mom and my dad at the same time. The way she deals with life is inspiring.

What is your favorite holiday and why? 

I love New Year’s because it reminds me that I have another year to make a difference with my life.

Got a favorite movie?


What is your favorite restaurant in Columbus? 

Average Joe’s. The owner, Paul Rockwell, is a good friend.

Power is… 

Getting people to listen to you. When they listen, that shows they care. And when people care about you and your opinions, you have the power of their support.

What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done? 

I jumped a 20-foot gap in Akron called “The Gorge.” I also did a 360 over a Porsche.

What is your Death Row dinner? 

My grandmother’s chicken and dumplings.

What is more important: knowledge or vision? 

Knowledge inspires vision.

What is something few people know about you? 

I am good friends with Ellen DeGeneres. She was actually responsible for getting me my Nike commercial. I was on her show three times and am going back on sometime soon.

What infuriates you?

Stubborn ignorance.