Sweat Equity - Kevin Knight

Once a month, C Magazine interviews a prominent Columbus figure to discuss what makes them tick. This month, we caught up with celebrated builder and designer Kevin Knight. His mindful vision and attention to detail inspire living spaces that are nearly alive in their finished state. 

Great architecture must have ____ and never cater to ____ .
Great architecture must have passion and never cater to trends.

Power is … 
Best when it is achieved with a gentle hand.

What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done? 
Hang gliding, especially after I crashed.

How old were you when you realized that you would be a designer by trade? Can you remember the moment? 
Probably around eighth or ninth grade. When I got bored listening to the nuns, I would daydream about how to rearrange the classrooms.

What is the greatest thing anyone can donate? 
Time. We never have enough of it.

What is more important: knowledge or vision? 

What is your favorite holiday and why?
Christmas—spending time with my grandkids, watching the magic.

Who or what is your muse? 
Leonardo Di Vinci, the ultimate Renaissance man.

Describe your worst mistake to date.
Unfortunately, I have made many.

Define beauty. 
All that is created by God in nature.

What building would you love to see blown out of Columbus existence? 
The Convention Center. When it was built, they destroyed the most beautiful building the city has ever had.

What is your Death Row dinner? 
Either fried bologna or scotch and a cigar.

Reflect on your fondest memory growing up.
Sailing with my dad on his sailboat.

If you could change one thing about Columbus, what would it be? 
All major roads should be tree-lined boulevards!

What is your dream car? 
1962 VW Euro van with all the ports and removable canvas top.

What infuriates you?

What makes you get out of bed? 
The desire to create.

The measure of a great builder is … 
Passion to build the best and create the best.

Happiness is ...
Spending time with my grandchildren, especially on the water.

What is your goto restaurant in Columbus and why?
Handke’s was. We miss Hartmut!

So when you’re conceptualizing for a client, how do you know how far to extend your vision, while keeping their living needs in focus?
Always listen. The ultimate solution is always in there. We push hard to further their vision.