Focus Factor - Chad Weller

Once a month, C Magazine interviews a prominent Columbus figure to discuss what makes them tick. This month, we caught up with professional runner and fitness trainer Chad Weller. He seems to always have his best foot forward.

As an extreme marathoner, what separates your mindset from traditional marathoners? 
Mental strength. Running 8 to 19 hours straight is incredibly daunting. When I run standard 26.2-mile marathons, I focus on my strategy against time, and I am mindful of speed over endurance.

Of all the routines you do, which are the staples in your ever-evolving training program? 
I add new physical experiences to challenge my body and mind. Lately, I have been doing Budokon Yoga, which is yoga combined with Martial
Arts. I have also started rock climbing.

You were a successful model. What is the difference between having the “It Factor” and having old fashioned good looks?
Traveling and living in some of the most renowned places in the world such as Milan, Paris, New York, L.A, and Miami has exposed me to so many people that have solely the “It Factor” or old-fashioned good looks. To me, they both have to work together in order to create success. 

Blondes or brunettes?

Zoolander or Dodgeball? 

Quitting is … 
Quitting is choosing to close one door to open another. 

Why is America fat? 
America is fat because of a lack of discipline, motivation, exercise and, most importantly, knowledge.

How do we fix that?
First, one must have the desire and intention to feel better, and second, to look better. Then, one must find a physical practice that he/she enjoys. Only passion can manifest a life and a lifestyle that you have always wanted.

By nature, a marathon is long and trying. What do you focus on to bide the time? 
After many miles and hours of training I look forward to the journey. In this process, I find a way to overcome fear and pain. I relax mentally and just have fun.

What is the most repulsive food ever made? 

Why do you think people quit their resolutions? 

The secret to a woman’s heart is? 
Patience and a sense of humor.

Reps and stamina are the keys to a lot of sports. Can you remember your longest run or the most reps you performed in an exercise? 
The longest/fastest that I have run was when I ran 71 miles in 14 hrs.

Which country produces the best models? 
Brazil. It is a place where they honor very simple beauty.

What professional sport produces the greatest athletes overall?