From the Hip 2012 Interviews

Happiness is …
Family, health, friends
and a good night of sleep.
Richard Blondin

Power is …
Best when it is achieved
with a gentle hand.
Kevin Knight

What do you think it
is about wrestling that
made it such a passion
in your life?

I think that when you
coach, you want people to
have success and you want
them to live up to things
you were capable of doing
and some of the things
that you couldn’t do. I just
really want to see the seven
or eight guys I’m training
have the success that
they want. I’m passionate
because it’s my job to be, but
I’m really passionate about
what they do, because I
want to see  them succeed.
Lou Rosselli

Define success.
Having driven yourself
to become greater than
you once dreamed.
Casey Putsch

What is the greatest thing
anyone can donate?

Their time. Time is the
only thing you can’t buy.
Chris Bryant

At what point will our
society become fully

When we live in the
present, see the best in
each other, and recognize
that a simple thank you
goes a long way.
Mimi Dane

If the best defense is a
good offense, what is the
best offense?

Kimberly Bojko

What angers you?
When people seriously
offer unfounded opinions
on important matters.
Scott Stienecker

What is your secret
to making any edible
creation work?

Cindy Wilkins

Quitting is …
Quitting is choosing
to close one door
to open another.
Chad Weller