Dr. John Lombardo - Testing, Testing

Once a month, C Magazine sits down with a prominent Columbus figure to understand their vibe at 5:01. This month, we play mental tennis with John Lombardo, the first president and one of the founding members of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine.

C Magazine: There are a lot of alternative substances on the market these days that aren’t regulated by the FDA. Where should athletes draw the line?
Dr. John Lombardo: Athletes should always be really careful because what is on the label is not what is in the bottle. A lot of the times there is no research that been done with these products. Athletes need to understand that they are the research.

C Magazine: Will steroids ever be safely utilized to facilitate rapid healing response?
Dr. Lombardo: Any potential benefit that would have been there is gone because of the cheating.

C Magazine: You lived in chagrin falls. Which Norman Rockwell painting best describes your neighborhood?
Dr. Lombardo: I have two that remind me of Chagrin Falls: Main Street and Downhill Daring.

C Magazine: You’re being held in a Mexican jail for mistaken identity. Who gets the first call?
Dr. Lombardo: Brett Adams.

C Magazine: What is the greatest victory in life?
Dr. Lombardo: The success of your children.

C Magazine: If you were a gladiator in ancient Rome, what would your name have been?
Dr. Lombardo: Densus Pugnator = Intense Fighter. My Jesuit education and all those years of Latin come out.

C Magazine: What is the single greatest coach quote by any figure in all of sports history?
Dr. Lombardo: “A team is a reflection of the coach. Mine are obnoxious and arrogant.” Al McGuire

C Magazine: Tell us one negative thing someone said to you that continues to make you the person you are today?
Dr. Lombardo: My advisor in college told me that I was not smart enough to take the course work that I had scheduled for a semester (I had straight A's) and that I was not medical school material.

C Magazine: What are you doing with your first day of retirement?
Dr. Lombardo: I’m going to start my book.