Vincent Volpi and Luis Alcalde - Touché

Since this is our Holiday issue and sharing is key, we thought it’d be fun to bring together two Columbus hitters that know each other more than they’d like to admit at times. Meet longtime friends and PICA partners Vincent Volpi (CEO) and Luis Alcalde (President).

Luis Alcalde:
You're at a party and someone asks you what you do. How do you answer them?
Vincent Volpi: How much time do you have?

Alcalde: Why did you get into the brand protection, loss prevention, risk management and security consulting business?
Volpi: It was actually a means to an end (to fund law school), but I originally got into the business because women like men of mystery.

Alcalde: What do you like best and least about your job?
Volpi: Being responsible.

Alcalde: What is your favorite Latin American country and why?
Volpi: Colombia. I have a ranch there and raise horses (and dogs to protect my horses).

Alcalde: Drink of choice?
Volpi: Ciroc martini, very dry and cold, up with (normal Spanish Manzanilla olives).

Alcalde: Favorite sports team?
Volpi: I loathe watching sports. However, I like sports, especially water sports, running, the gym and martial arts.

Alcalde: Idea of a great night…?
Volpi: Great company and conversation over good food, wine and a tango.

Alcalde: What about you would people be surprised to learn?
Volpi: That I’m not as mean as I look or act.

Alcalde: Are you a good cook?
Volpi: All Italian boys can cook. Good depends on who’s eating.

Alcalde: What are some of the brands that PICA protects?
Volpi: You’d be hard-pressed to name a Fortune 500 Company we haven’t done some business with over the years. Most of them don’t like us to bandy about their names.

Alcalde: What do you look for in employees?
Volpi: Integrity, skill and hunger, more or less in this order.

Alcalde: What do you look for in friends?
Volpi: Integrity, discretion, intelligence, good conversationalist and a willingness to come get me if I’m kidnapped by the Taliban.

Alcalde: Who do you like to hang out with?
Volpi: My six-year-old daughter.

Alcalde: With all the places you go to all over the world how do you feel about Columbus?
Volpi: It will always be home to me. It also has an outstanding quality of life, if you measure quality of life in a balanced way.

Alcalde: What is your biggest weakness?
Volpi: I would never tell, otherwise, women might exploit me.