Ryan Johnson - Great Taste

Once a month, C Magazine interviews a prominent Columbus figure to discuss why he or she wakes up in the morning. This month, we chatted with Ryan Johnson, beer braniac and United States Trade Brewer for MillerCoors’ Import & Craft Brands.

C Magazine: Can you explain basic zymurgy to the layperson?
Ryan Johnson: Zymurgy is the study of fermentation science. Simply put, give the organism what it needs in the fermenter and it will give the brewer what we need in the bottle.

C Magazine: What is the best beer in the world?
Johnson: The best beer in the world, many would argue, is Westvleteren 12 or even Three Floyds Dark Lord. However, it is not the beer that defines itself; it is the occasion in which we enjoy it that relates its intrinsic beauty.

C Magazine:
Just exactly how much beer does one brewery make in a day?
Johnson: That range can vary from gallons to 5000+ barrels depending on the brewery.

C Magazine:
What beer would you drink with seared foie gras and peaches?
Johnson: I would find a brilliant complement with a Peche Lambic or perhaps something with some malt backbone to support the intensity of flavor with a nice effervescent carbonation to cleanse the palate of these complex fats and oils.

C Magazine:
Tell us a “…walks into a bar” joke.
Johnson: Two wines guys walk into a bar, the beer guy ducks.

C Magazine:
Do you make beer at home?
Johnson: I currently do not, due to my insurance company not being fond of large flames. However, I plan to start it up again soon when I move.

C Magazine:
Why do sports and beer go so well together?
Johnson: Because without either of them we cease to exist.

C Magazine:
Which American literary figure drank more beer: Bukowski or Hemmingway?
Johnson: I have a feeling that Chuck would show Big E a few things about drinking.

C Magazine:
Name three things for which beer sponsorship would be completely inappropriate.
Johnson: Stunt piloting, hunting and jarts.