Chuck Gehring - Hand Over Fist

Once a month, C Magazine interviews a prominent Columbus figure to discuss why he or she wakes up in the morning. This month, we sat down with Good Samaritan and community caregiver Chuck Gehring, President and CEO of Life Care Alliance.

C Magazine: Your secret dream is…
Gehring: I would love to be a professional football player.

C Magazine: What is your favorite restaurant in Columbus?
Gehring: Oh, there are a lot of them. I’ll say the Columbus Brewing Company.

C Magazine: You’re walking down death row… what was your last meal?
Gehring: A nice, grilled piece of salmon, some macaroni and cheese and apple pie with ice cream.

C Magazine:
What do you find yourself saying all the time?
Gehring: “Trust me.”

C Magazine: What are your three biggest vices?
Gehring: My once-a-month glass of wine, probably White Castle and professional wrestling.

C Magazine:
Columbus is the single best city for…
Gehring: Living and raising kids. I mean, I grew up here and I just think it’s the greatest city around.

C Magazine: What’s the best way to spend a lunch break?
Gehring: For me, it’s to have lunch with a donor to this agency. I would rather do that than anything else.

C Magazine: What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?
Gehring: Probably trying to water-ski. I know that’s not very dangerous, but that’s the pathetic life I lead.

C Magazine:
What vacation was your most memorable?
Gehring: Probably going to Hawaii on my honeymoon 26 years ago. There’s nothing like Hawaii; it’s like another planet.

C Magazine: If you could meet anyone alive or dead, who would it be?
Gehring: Well, you got to say Jesus Christ, don’t you? I mean, if I could meet him, that would be just the end-all in your life.

C Magazine: What musician’s (or band’s) music has inspired you the most?
Gehring: Believe it or not, just because of the music, AC/DC. I know their lyrics are not inspirational at all, but their music is driving, so that’s always good.