Carolyn Delp - Fearless

Once a month, C Magazine interviews a prominent Columbus figure to discuss why they wake up in the morning. This month, we broke bread with media mantis Carolyn Delp, VP of Marketing for Cameron Mitchell Restaurants.

C Magazine: What one technical advancement can you not live without?
Carolyn Delp:
My blackberry… my crackberry.

C Magazine: What’s on your TiVo?
Delp: Always Desperate Housewives, I Can Make You Thin, Survivor, Hells Kitchen, Top Chef.

C Magazine: Can you type?
Delp: I am a phenomenal typer and I was number one in my high school class. I talk really fast, but I can type faster. And my accuracy is really good.

C Magazine: Roses… red, white or yellow?
Delp: Absolutely red.

C Magazine: You are writing an autobiography everything is done but the title. What would it be?
Delp: No Fear.

C Magazine: You find $500 in the street. Spend it?
Delp: I would give it away. I would bring people together and have a good time. I would feel guilty if I didn’t give it away. It’s the Catholic guilt.

C Magazine: Fondest memory growing up?
Delp: Back in the day when you could take 2-week vacations. When my dad would take 2-week vacations and go to the beach in Sarasota.

C Magazine: The worst mistake you ever made was?
Delp: Letting fears control me early on in life—succumbing to fear, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

C Magazine: Describe a dish named after your employer?
Delp: A little bit of everything that is on the lunch table at our home office.

C Magazine: Trust comes from?
Delp: Truth.

C Magazine: Biggest pet peeve?
Delp: When people aren’t direct.

C Magazine: Greatest achievement?
Delp: That’s easy for anyone that is a parent—my three girls.

C Magazine: History has a funny way of…?
Delp: History has a funny way of being forgotten. People make the same mistakes over and over again.