Uziel Haimoff - Global Appeal

Once a month, C Magazine interviews a prominent Columbus figure to discuss what makes them tick. This month, we met up with “Uzi” Haimoff, president and chief executive of IDG Jewelers.

C Magazine: How much does size matter?
Uziel Haimoff: Ummm…size matters to people who buy diamonds. It always seems that people like the bigger stones.

C Magazine: If you could share a drink with anyone in history, name the drink and the person.
Haimoff: Abraham in the Old Testament. I would have grape juice and talk about keeping the whole family together.

C Magazine: Define these three C’s: courage, care and comfort.
Haimoff: Courage is being honest under any circumstances no matter what the consequences are. Care is knowing how fortunate you are. Comfort is in the soul.

C Magazine: Biggest rock you ever sold? Saw?
Haimoff: Ever saw was about a 100-carat diamond, and the biggest I ever sold was about a 16-carat diamond that I sold in Hong Kong.

C Magazine: You’re a married man. What’s the secret to romance?
Haimoff: She is always right.

C Magazine: What’s the origin of your first name?
Haimoff: Uziel is Hebrew, and stands for “my strength is God.”

C Magazine: Which designer owns the most real estate in your closet?
Haimoff: It’s embarrassing, but it would be Versace.

C Magazine: Fondest memory growing up?
Haimoff: I would say playing soccer with my dad in New York City where I was brought up.

C Magazine: What’s the best watch ever made?
Haimoff: Limited edition stainless Rolex Daytona.

C Magazine: What is your worst vice?
Haimoff: My worst vice is that I’m very spontaneous and my wife would like me to be a lot more scheduled and structured. It makes my life very unpredictable and makes my wife nuts!

C Magazine:
What’s with gold these days?
Haimoff: The more oil goes up, the more gold goes up. The more interest rates go down, the more gold goes up.