Bruce Dooley - A Real Blessing

Once a month, C Magazine interviews a prominent Columbus figure to discuss what makes them tick. This month, we met up with class-act realtor Bruce Dooley of Dooley and Company.

C Magazine: You’re swept up by an F4 tornado and dropped in a little village with munchkins and a yellow brick road. What do you ask the wizard for?
Bruce Dooley: First-class ticket home and a few gold bricks from the road.

C Magazine: What inspires you?
Dooley: Being around happy, enthusiastic, motivated people.

C Magazine: What talent would you most like to have?
Dooley: The ability to speak in public without being nervous.

C Magazine: How do you relax after work?
Dooley: Gardening, movies, shopping and working out.

C Magazine:
What’s your worst extravagance?
Dooley: My cars.

C Magazine: What one complimentary element is Columbus in need of most?
Dooley: Downtown grocery store.

C Magazine: Columbus lacks _______ more than it is prepared to admit.
Dooley: Public transportation options.

C Magazine: You’re walking down death row… What was your last meal?
Dooley: Steak from Mitchell’s Steakhouse.

C Magazine: When did you buy your first piece of property, and what was it?
Dooley: I bought a double in Harrison West when I was 19.

C Magazine: The most annoying thing about your business is?
Dooley: Unrealistic expectations.

C Magazine: What's your drink of choice for New Year's Eve?
Dooley: Grey Goose & cranberry.

C Magazine:
What was the most important resolution you ever made?
Dooley: To go into real estate full time.

C Magazine: Should holiday lights be white or multi-colored?
Dooley: Multi-colored.

C Magazine: What do you want as a gift this year?
Dooley: Lots of gift cards.

C Magazine: Name three things Columbus offers that no city around us can match.
Dooley: 1) Beautifully revitalized neighborhoods renovated by private developers. 2) Cohesiveness: overall I think everyone likes each other. 3) Opportunity for continued development of the central city/downtown area.