Shawn Cunix - Wired for Success

Once a month, C Magazine interviews a prominent Columbus figure to discuss what makes them tick. This month, we met up with Flexicom Wireless owner and cellular savant Shawn Cunix.

C Magazine: Define success.
Shawn Cunix: Making a difference in somebody else’s life.

C Magazine: While working in the corporate world, what are the three biggest mistakes you saw being made regularly?
Cunix: 1. Treating everybody like a machine—everyone’s a number. 2. Bureaucracy. It takes too long for decisions to be made and 3. Education. In the corporate world, everything is a secret. That delays people from making necessary and timely decisions.

C Magazine: Do you have a dream?
Cunix: Actually, I do. I want to make a positive impact on the world.

C Magazine: Which of your weaknesses could be considered a strength?
Cunix: I am a very trusting and giving person. That vulnerability gives me strength.

C Magazine:
What is the most generous thing you’ve done for an employee?
Cunix: We all chipped in and bought one of our guys a car.

C Magazine: What is one thing that few people know about you?
Cunix: I’m Griswold at Christmas.

C Magazine: What’s your biggest vice?
Cunix: Poker.

C Magazine: Which actor would you like to see portray you if your life were turned into a movie?
Cunix: Al Pacino.

C Magazine: Do you cut your own lawn?
Cunix: I will not trade time for money. Before I spend two hours on my lawn, I’ll build Legos with my son.

C Magazine: What really pisses you off?
Cunix: Lying, cheating and laziness.

C Magazine: Why do your employees love working for you?
Cunix: I really believe the majority of them know I care. There are so many things I do that are not related to a paycheck.