Louie Lopez - Easy Rider

Once a month, C Magazine interviews a prominent Columbus figure to discuss a little monkey business. This month, we met up with Big Dog Motorcycles Sales Manager Louie Lopez. Hold tight cuz this brother's on fire.

C Magazine: What role do you think the chopper played in the development of contemporary American culture?
Louie Lopez: I think it had to do a lot more with the lifestyle the chopper brought, the freedom. It's what America is about—individuality.

C Magazine: If you could only ride one bike for the rest of your life, which bike would you ride?
Lopez: My Springer Bobber. I built it myself.

C Magazine: Where in the world would you most like to ride it?
Lopez: Smokey Mountains.

C Magazine: What calms you?
Lopez: Riding on a cool October evening or during sunset on the coast.

C Magazine: What is the most ridiculously overpriced motorcycle available today?
Lopez: Every bike Jesse James builds or any Screaming Eagle Harley.

C Magazine: Do helmet laws suck? Why or why not?
Lopez: Absolutely. They’re insurance laws.

C Magazine: How do you explain the popularity of “Bike Nights”?
Lopez: Bikers love to be around bikers and experience the culture and check out all the other motorcycles. I always tell people, "You buy a bike and you’ll make a new friend everywhere you go." And that’s basically what the bike nights do.

C Magazine: Do you think motorcycle riders are less intimidated by danger than regular people?
Lopez: Yes, absolutely. Riders are big risk takers that put their lives in their own hands, but that’s part of the thrill.

C Magazine: What are the five coolest things in the world?
Lopez: Cold beer, a good cigar, the road, a beautiful girl and music.