Dr. William Hooper - Wide Open

Once a month, C Magazine sits down with a prominent Columbus figure to discuss how they spend their time out of the office and between paychecks. This month, meet Upper Arlington’s smile emissary and grill magician, Dr. William Hooper DDS.

C Magazine: Of all the awards you’ve earned, which one means the most to you?
Dr. William Hooper: The Congressional Award. It was done on the same day that the voter box was carried down the isle when G.W. Jr. was elected.

C Magazine: It’s your first day of retirement. What are you doing?
Dr. Hooper: I would probably exercise, sit down, read a newspaper and enjoy my breakfast—things I never take the time to do now.

C Magazine: Bombay martini or Macallan on the rocks?
Dr. Hooper: Kettle One martini up with blue cheese olives.

C Magazine: What’s the square root of 121?
Dr. Hooper: 11.

C Magazine: Name three canals.
Dr. Hooper: Erie Canal, Panama Canal and Canal Winchester.

C Magazine: Marathon Man or Little Shop of Horrors?
Dr. Hooper: Marathon Man.

C Magazine: Describe the single most memorable oral issue you’ve encountered over your 34 years of service.
Dr. Hooper: I had a heart implant surgeon on nitrous oxide and was going to seat his crown. I said, “If I fumble, don’t swallow.” Well… So he went to the hospital and got an x-ray. Then he had a buddy send me a copy of it with the text: “A crown in the stomach compares only to a diamond in the rough.”

C Magazine: Success is…?
Dr. Hooper: Not measured in terms of money, it is about enjoying what you do and fulfilling others around you.

C Magazine: You can have a drink with anyone in history. Who’s your choice?
Dr. Hooper: Ronald Reagan.

C Magazine: If you were only allowed one song to play repeatedly in your waiting room, what would it be?
Dr. Hooper: My Way.

C Magazine: Do you want to slap the smile off Mary Poppins’ face everything she sings “that” song?
Dr. Hooper: Yeah. Absolutely.