Steve Germain - Cruise Control

Once a month, C Magazine sits down with a prominent Columbus figure to discuss how they spend their time out of the office and between paychecks. This month, we met with Columbus automotive magnate and consummate family man, Steve Germain.

C Magazine: First car you bought? The last?
Steve Germain: A Legends racecar for my oldest son, Zach, and a ‘69 Camaro for my son, Austin, to restore.

C Magazine: What is one thing that few people know about you?
Germain: I don’t own expensive cars.

C Magazine: What’s your favorite after-work drink?
Germain: Bacardi Limon and Diet Coke.

C Magazine: What was your wedding song?
Germain: “Just the Way You Are” by Billy Joel.

C Magazine: Whom in history do you most admire?
Germain: Henry Ford.

C Magazine: What inspires you?
Germain: My wife.

C Magazine: What’s the most expensive thing you’ve purchased. Was it worth it?
Germain: A painting for my wife. Yes, she loved it.

C Magazine: You get to choose the next law to pass. What is it?
Germain: I’d raise the driving age to 18.

C Magazine: What CD is in your car stereo right now?
Germain: A country CD my son burned for me.

C Magazine: Which actor would you like to see portray you if your life were turned into a movie?
Germain: Clint Eastwood.

C Magazine: Your father taught you to (?) and not to (?).
Germain: To work hard and not to spend any money.

C Magazine: Do you cut your own lawn?
Germain: No. My wife won’t let me.

C Magazine: Favorite cereal?
Germain: Cheerios.

C Magazine: You’re a sucker for (?).
Germain: My daughter.

C Magazine: What really pisses you off?
Germain: Getting the wrong order in the Taco Bell drive-through.

C Magazine: Free association: Yugo, Fiero, Corver?
Germain: Glad I passed, and I don’t pass on much.

C Magazine: Best car ever made?
Germain: Whatever I sold the most of today.