Bill Shelby - Sky High

Once a month, C Magazine sits down with a prominent Columbus figure to discuss how they spend their time out of the office and between paychecks. This month, we met with real estate magnate Bill Shelby, Owner and President of Spectrum Properties, Inc.

C Magazine: What one complimentary element is Columbus in need of most?
Bill Shelby: Our Blue Jackets are great, and other higher-level professional sports would be even better.

C Magazine: Columbus lacks _____ more than it is prepared to admit.
Shelby: A mass transit system. I think of this in terms of what makes us a major league city.

C Magazine: If you could, what building would you go back in time and change?
Shelby: I wouldn’t change anything. It’s all part of a process. You can’t look back. You can only look forward. History is history.

C Magazine: Your secret dream is to…?
Shelby: Be a mountain man.

C Magazine:
You’re walking down death row… What was your last meal?
Shelby: Venison tenderloin, a baked potato, mushroom gravy and a Coors Light.

C Magazine: How do you unwind?
Shelby: Sit in a tree stand, walk in the woods or hike in the mountains.

C Magazine: What gets you stoked?
Shelby: Reinventing myself.

C Magazine: When did you buy your first piece of property, and what was it?
Shelby: A four-family when I was 18. Down payment was a student loan. It paid my way through college.

C Magazine: What do you find yourself saying all the time?
Shelby: Market ready.

C Magazine: Money can’t…?
Shelby: Buy you happiness, but it can help you find it in interesting places.

C Magazine: One thing all 18-year-olds should know about real estate is…?
Shelby: Location. Location. Location. And protect your downside.