Bret Adams - The Best Defense

Once a month, C Magazine sits down with a prominent Columbus figure to discuss how they spend their time out of the office and between paychecks. This month, we sat down with power sports attorney and co-owner of BoMA, Bret Adams.

C Magazine: Who is the weirdest artist of the 20th century?
Bret Adams: Salvador Dali. Anyone who paints with fecal matter is weird.

C Magazine: In what medium would it be blasphemous to do a bust of St. Paul?
Adams: Cream Cheese.

C Magazine: What piece of art do you most long to own?
Adams: Edward Munch's The Scream.

C Magazine: What will be the next significant movement in visual art?
Adams: All 3-D computer generated art.

C Magazine: In general, who are bigger weasels: sports agents, music agents or movie agents?
Adams: Undoubtedly, sports agents.

C Magazine: Who is the most overpaid person in sports?
Adams: Every member of the New York Yankee roster.

C Magazine: How do you relax?
Adams: Riding a Harley & bow hunting.

C Magazine: The one book all Americans must read before they die is?
Adams: 1776 by David McCullough.

C Magazine: You can have a drink with any figure in history. With whom are you drinking, and what’s your poison?
Adams: JFK and Johnny Walker Blue.

C Magazine: Favorite lawyer joke?
Adams: What do you call the last person in your law school class? Judge.

C Magazine: What are your three greatest vices? Virtues?
Adams: Vices: taking on too many causes; vindictiveness; impatience. Virtues: taking on too many causes; integrity; never forgetting from where I came.