Charles Penzone - Clip Art

Once a month, C Magazine sits down with a prominent Columbus figure to discuss how they spend their time out of the office and between paychecks. This month, we sat down with Columbus’ salon icon, Charles Penzone.

C Magazine: Which is more indulgent: foie gras or diamond studded toenails?
Charles Penzone: Diamond studded toenails are a necessity. Foie gras is the indulgence and cruel to boot.

C Magazine: What is your most comfortable food?
Penzone: Foie gras, of course.

C Magazine: What extravagances do you regularly afford yourself?
Penzone: Bordeaux and Napa Valley wine.

C Magazine: What single invention changed history most profoundly?
Penzone: The nose hair trimmer.

C Magazine: What cologne do you wear?
Penzone: Burberry

C Magazine: Name three uses for human hair clippings?
Penzone: Plant food, deer deterrent and fishing lures.

C Magazine: Single best dish in the city was on whose menu and when?
Penzone: Aztec Chowder—originally in the ’80s at 55 Restaurants, now at Polaris Grill.

C Magazine: Since relaxation is your business, what do you call it when you are not working?
Penzone: Entitlement

C Magazine: Why do you think Western society is so preoccupied with having immaculately groomed hair on certain parts of our bodies and no hair on others?
Penzone: It distinguishes us from The Taliban.

C Magazine: Isn’t permanent makeup just gonna end up being the rose tattoo of affluent 21st century women?
Penzone: I hope so.

C Magazine: Is the “Salt Glow Manicure” a doubly bad idea for nail biters who love pretzels?
Penzone: A salt glow manicure is never a bad idea…never. Especially at our prices.

C Magazine: The average person should groom himself for how long?
Penzone: 72 years. After that, it really doesn’t matter.