Dr. Tom Pepper - Mr. Pibbs Nemesis

Once a month, C Magazine will sit down with a prominent figure of the Columbus Community and discuss things other than their business. We’ll see how they spend their time out of the office and between paychecks over some fun luncheon conversation. This month, we sat down with the brilliant Dr. Tom Pepper – Psychiatrist and Medical Director at OSU’s Talbot Hall.

C Magazine: Whom in history do you most admire?
Dr. Tom Pepper: Sigmund Freud.

C Magazine: Did Siggy have mother-issues?
Dr. Pepper: Sigmund Freud had lots of issues, but he was an amazing guy considering he lived in Victorian Vienna and had the courage to talk about things like unconscious childhood sexuality instincts.

C Magazine:
Who are your favorite writers?
Dr. Pepper: I like Hunter S. Thompson and Carl Hiaasen of the Miami Herald.

C Magazine: What was your reaction to the suicide of Hunter S. Thompson?
Dr. Pepper: I was disappointed because the Gonzo mindset doesn’t allow suicide. It was an angry suicide.

C Magazine: Your visited by an angel who tells you that you are immortal. What do you do with your first day of immortality?
Dr. Pepper: Pray for eternal youth.

C Magazine: What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?
Dr. Pepper: Besides getting married, racing motorcycles when I was in medical school.

C Magazine: How easy is it to hypnotize someone?
Dr. Pepper: Sometimes very easy, sometimes impossible. The younger and the smarter, the easier.

C Magazine: Finally, what’s the last thing you purchased?
Dr. Pepper: I bought a golf improvement device and a battery charger for my Porsche.