Park Street Patio co-owners - Access Granted

Once a month, C Magazine sits down with prominent Columbus figures to understand their vibe at 5:01. This month, we threw back a few with Columbus’ nightlife aficionados Mike Gallicchio, Chris Corso and Brian Swanson, co-owners of Park Street Patio.

Describe Columbus’ nightlife using only three words.
Chris: Park Street District.

Are you best friends or just good partners?
All: Best friends…sometimes.

Who’s the biggest baller in town?
All: No one spends enough money at bars in Columbus to be called a true baller.

What’s one thing Columbus needs more than it is ever prepared to admit?
Chris: The Buckeyes.

Name the building in town you’d buy if it ever came available.
Mike: I would take LeVeque Tower. Top floor, man! Voodoo Lounge.

What are you going to do with your first day of retirement?
Brian: I’m immediately turning off my phone.

Favorite vacation spot?
Mike and Brian: Miami, hands down.
Chris: Disney World.

First job you worked?
Mike: Pizza delivery boy.
Brian: I was with a greenhouse business.
Chris: Planting daisies.

Gambling game of choice?
Mike: Roulette.
Chris and Brian: Craps.

What is the biggest mistake you see first-time club owners regularly make?
Chris: Not having enough capitalization and failing to realize it is actually a job!

What is your drink?
Mike: Grey Goose on
the rocks.
Chris: Patron on ice.
Brian: Grey Goose
and grapefruit.

What law would you change if you were given the chance?

Chris and Mike: Reduce the drinking age back to 18 or 19, and then raise the driving age.

What would have been your other profession?
Mike: Hack psychologist.
Chris: Wall Street.
Brian: Real estate.

Which of you has the worst temper?
Chris: Oh, that by far is me. I call it excitability.

Got a special talent?

All: Other than our marketing talent, we are all worthless!

Best bar scene in a motion picture?
Brian: We Own the Night.
Chris: Blade.
Mike: Carlito’s Way.