Irrefutably Urban

The recently completed LaFayette Lofts exemplifies urban living in the heart of Downtown Columbus.

The roar of the bus groans as it idles in front of your building, waiting to load passengers.  The beep-beep and honk-honk of cars and taxis wail, while sitting in High Street traffic.  The boom of the garbage truck thunders, emptying dumpsters at 5 a.m.  Sounds and life-patterns of downtown living are the norm for the urban pioneers who have made a move to the central city.  The new LaFayette Lofts affords those looking for these patterns, a welcome respite.  

Nestled behind the Brunson Building, along Wall Street Alley, LaFayette Lofts offers ultra-modern condo living, with the grit and urbanism many crave in a newer city like Columbus.  Developed after the successful Brunson Building conversion, LaFayette Lofts is a unique, two-level structure that sits atop the parking garage for its residents and those of the Brunson.  

Like the adjacent Brunson, LaFayette Lofts was designed by renowned Columbus architect, Jonathan Barnes.  Famous for his recent work on downtown condos like 225 North Fourth and The Buggyworks, Barnes took on this project to complement the iconic Brunson Building.  

Steel panels, vaulted ceilings, 11-foot-tall windows and modern design are many characteristics of LaFayette that differ from its 12-story companion.  One fantastic amenity, though, which LaFayette owners can take advantage of, is the Brunson's rooftop terrace.  Sitting almost 13 stories up, the views of downtown from this vantage point are beyond stellar.  With close to 2000 square feet of space, this rooftop patio will also serve as the perfect party spot for Red, White and Boom!

Visitors gain a sense of LaFayette's true urban feel upon arrival to the address.  Owners and guests enter the building through a secure garage on Wall Street Alley, which neighbors the YMCA and a COTA bus terminal.  No other downtown condo can rival such oppidan characteristics.  

Taking a flight of stairs up to the second story will lead guests to the first of two levels of units, with six condos on each floor.  This featured unit sits on the far west side of the building facing the towers of Nationwide Plaza a few blocks north.  At 1150 square feet, this unit is a one-bedroom, two-bath home, perfect for the young downtown professional.  Every unit includes a private balcony for those not wanting a birds-eye view while sitting outside.  All owners also enjoy finishes such as hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and maple kitchen cabinets.

After a recent fresh coat of paint in the kitchen and living areas, this owner finally allowed cameras in to showcase his new home.  The interior design is very classic modern, keeping in tune to the design of LaFayette.  Furnishings from Crate and Barrel and Z Gallerie combine with other pieces from Lombard's and Global Living, to create a comfortable, welcoming environment.  The large dining table with a leather-upholstered bench is perfect for small (or medium) sized dinner parties, before escaping next door to the Elevator Brewery for a nightcap.  

One choice this owner decided against during the build-out was an optional second bedroom.  Buyers wanting a second room to serve as a den or guest room can take advantage of this; however, it will cut down on the living and dining areas.  A three-quarter installation, though, would allow for the best of both worlds with a smaller den and ample space in the living and dining sections.

Encompassing the best of the ultra urban lifestyle, Lafayette Lofts is truly located in the heart of downtown.  Steps from bars, restaurants, health clubs, galleries, theatres and the best entertainment in the city -- it dishes out a healthy dose of urbanism to those in the craving.