Well-Lit Living - Lofts at 106

At one time the building located at 106 N. High St. was considered by most to be one of Columbus’ biggest white elephants.  It simply lacked the ability to provide most of its future residents with “conventional views.”  Being the type of organization that loves a challenge, Global Development Group leapt at the chance to develop a successful and innovative concept for the location.  The end result was the creation of a light-well.

After that, everything else fell into place.  One of the main concepts that drove the creation of the interiors for 106 was to offer the general consumer a living space that felt more like a sanctuary than just a residence.

Global Development didn’t believe the walls and finishes should intrude on the daily life of the residents, so a sleek, modern and minimalist attitude was applied to the preservation of the vintage features of the building.  Nearly one-century-old wood floors were merged with modern wood finishes and stainless steel.

Space is always a concern with condominium living, and Global Development Group took great pains to ensure that every inch of available space was utilized.  For the kitchen, floor to ceiling cupboards were created and placed ubiquitously, in order to emphasize functionality without losing a sense of style.

The extra high ceilings and graciously-sized rooms provide an airy feeling in all of the units and the walls of frosted glass and wood provide a rich texture background.  In the living room, Global uses both glass and wood effectively to give residents the perfect backdrop for entertaining, and to provide ample light to the master bedroom and den.

The kitchen is outfitted with a side-by-side, stainless-steel refrigerator, a stainless-steel dishwasher, a garbage disposal, a glass-top built-in stove and stainless-steel oven with a recessed microwave.  The countertops are Corian, and the cabinets are custom-built with flush modern faces.   Above the island, which separates the kitchen from the dining room, a large stainless-steel hood with recessed lighting is suspended from the ceiling.  

The furniture, provided by Global Living, provides a synergy of old and new flair.  The camel-back, dark-chocolate-brown, faux-mohair sofa is accentuated by three Mitchell Gold leather chairs. For a unique look, the two cream chairs paired together form a loveseat. The pull-over chair, done in a turbo black leather and large tufted buttons, has a wonderful overstuffed quality to it.  The accent and coffee tables give off rat pack flair, but still fit with the rest of the décor.

The dining room combines country elegance with city design, as a rustic French farm table, accented by modern molded black plastic chairs, sits powerfully in the room.  The bedroom is outfitted with a platform bed, which continues the dark wooden theme.  Simplistic side tables sit next to the bed, over which hangs a colorful oil painting, adding just the right amount of bold color to an otherwise tranquil room.

All in all, the condos at 106 are breathtaking and offer their residents views they may not even have known they were in search of.