1964 Buick Riviera - Owned by Dr. Brian Stone

Wouldn’t you really rather have a Buick? Like many young boys, I grew up playing with Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. With adulthood, my interest shifted to real automobiles. I admired all the usual suspects: ‘66 Mustangs, ‘57 Chevys, ‘70 Mopars and the like. In 1991, I purchased my first special interest car, a 1953 Buick Super. I gravitated to Buicks because they offered the best package in terms of quality, appointments and performance.

I decided to bring my ’53 to an all Buick show in Maryland, and it was at that event that I saw a Riviera for the first time. I was star struck by the luxury, lines and styling of the vehicle. The next day my ’53 was for sale. I eventually found my 1964 Riviera in Virginia. It was rough, but solid and complete. I drove it in this condition for many years, very content with my old Buick.

In 2001, I saw a magnificent paint job on a yellow ‘59 Buick Invicta. I inquired about the work and was led to Steve Hunkins of Columbus, Ohio. Stephen’s Special Interest Auto did all the paint and bodywork, engine detail and some interior restoration. They transformed it into the beauty you see today and we’re forever grateful. The paint color is diplomat blue, complemented by a faux white leather interior with wood trim on the doors and center console. It is powered by a 425 cubic inch nail head V8 and Twin Turbine automatic transmission. This car rides like a cloud.

The entire project took almost four years, but the results were well worth it. We have enjoyed many family outings and cruises in this car. It is the center of many of our summer family activities, and my son and daughter always enjoy getting the car cleaned up for shows. The car has won numerous awards, but perhaps most significant was the Nicola Bulgari Spirit of Buick Award at the 2008 Buick Nationals in Flint, Michigan.

Yes, we would rather have a Buick.