2007 Corvette Z06 - Owned by Mark D. Carlyle

I bought this car new and had no intentions of modifying it. However, I took it to the track and ran 11.34 at 124 stock on stock tires.  From there, it was only a matter of time before it became what it is today.  This car currently has a 434 LSX Iron Block, Custom IPS Twin Turbo system with an RPM Transmissions automatic conversion, running on Moonshine (E100).  The car makes right around 1132 rwhp through the 4L80e transmission with an unlocked convertor, thus far. IPSMotorsports.net designed a custom turbo kit, and the next time out we expect to be deep into the eights.  Tommy (Peanut) spent a lot of hours crafting my car into what it is today, and I know that most of what has been done would not have been possible without some of the custom crafted parts he has created for my car.
I love driving this car on the street, if for nothing else, just to see the reaction it gets from people when they see the parachute.  Nothing says, “I’m not to be toyed with” like a big Simpson Racing chute hanging off the back.  My Z was the first one in the country to be NHRA Certified to 8.50, and should be the first one in the country to need more.  
I’m currently racing it in the NMCA Circuit, as well as the Super Chevy Show Circuit, but the car is still very much a streetcar-you’ll see me driving it around town.  I still get a kick when someone pulls up beside me and taps the gas.  
Special thanks goes out to Jeff and the guys at IPSMotorsports.net for building the car and keeping it running.  Tommy is the man behind the wrench and Eric works the magic on the stock computer.  RPM Transmissions built the only transmission that we found that could hold up to the power we are making.  Simpson Racing makes sure that I am safe and is the only provider I use for safety equipment. Pfadt racing created the suspension pieces required to plant the power through the M&H Racemaster tires.