Dodge Hemi Magnum - Owned by John Hard

I have been a “motorhead” much longer than a “chilehead,” so you might say my passion for hot cars blossomed into hot foods. I have been a Mopar fan since my early teens. I dreamed of owning a 426 Hemi powered muscle car, but life just didn’t allow that to happen. My first ride was a ’63 Plymouth powered with the old reliable 225 c.i. slant six. The next one was a ’71 Dodge Challenger, but it was driven by a 318 small block V8, still lacking the heat I was dreaming about. The powers that be decided for many reasons to do away with the muscle car genre, and I was left to sate my desire with a series of custom vans (you know, those old hippy wagons!) Then family happened.

When Chrysler thought it was time to bring back the big blocks, I was ecstatic. Though I was driving a custom PT at the time, I swore my next one would be the SRT 8. I selected the Magnum because most of the work had already been done. It looks chopped, channeled and is extremely well finished. It is powered by a 6.1 liter V-8 (6,059 cc) engine with 103.0 mm bore, 90.9 mm stroke, 10.3 compression ratio, overhead valves with two valves per cylinder. It produces 318 kW of power, 425 HP SAE @ 6,000 rpm, 420 ft lb of torque and 569 Nm @ 4,800 rpm.  All of this from the factory!

Of course, “TorRed” was the color of choice, and to this point I have chosen to leave it stock. One word about the plate, Bhut Jolokia is the world’s hottest chile. This may not be the world’s hottest ride, but it is plenty hot for me! I’ll watch for you in the mirror!