2004 Chevrolet Corvette - Owned by Jeff Irwin, Sr.

Ever since I was a young boy, I have been motorcycle and car crazy—and you know what? Not much has changed as of this day. I have been buying, selling and horse trading cars and bikes for over 40 years. Up until 2002, my motorcycles had pretty much taken over my hobbies and passion. Since 2002, I have gained a new found love and passion for corvettes, which I once had back in the mid 80s.  Since this article is about cars, I will stick to that topic.

In 2000, my buddy showed up at my house to take me for a spin in his new red 2000 C5 Corvette Roadster. After touring around some hills and curvy roads in the Hocking Hills, I was totally amazed at what they had done to the newer Corvettes as it relates to performance, looks and overall value. It was only about 6-months later that I showed up in my driveway in a new 2002 Pewter Corvette Coupe.   Over the next few years, I drove this car a lot, joined the Corvette Club and did rallies and cruise-ins all over the state.  On a sunny Saturday in June 2004, I attended the Le Mans GT Series Race at Mid Ohio Speedway to spy a new 2004 C5 coupe on the vendors’ midway that had been dressed up with a raised hood, custom paint stripe and custom chrome wheels.  It was Millennium Yellow with a black stripe. I kinda fell in love with what I still call today the “Steeler Vette.”  Here it is 6-years later, 28,000 more miles, a ton of time and money invested and one of my favorite Corvettes. I have four other corvettes in my collection, which makes up five of six generations of corvettes. I have a certain passion for each and every one of them, but the black and yellow coupe continues to be my flagship car to tour the countryside, compete in autocrosses and participate in shows, rallies and cruise-ins all over. It’s a car that has custom paint, a custom interior, custom matched engine bay covers and performance add-ons too many to mention. Tomorrow is another day, and maybe there will be another! Corvette of course!