2004 Subaru STI - Owned by John Schroeck

I get asked all the time, “Schroeck, why a Subaru?”

I would have to say because I liked the look of it and was impressed with the horsepower potential from just four cylinders, so I walked in and bought the first blue STI with silver wheels to become available in Columbus. Tracy Thacker, at Byers Imports, gave me a great deal on the car.  

On the path to big horsepower there are many obstacles, but with patience, persistence and a very understanding wife, I overcame them. I built my own motors and I am certified as a tuner on three engine management systems, so 95 percent of my car has been done by me.  Right now, as the car sits it makes about 700 horsepower at the wheels on 29 lbs. of boost running E85. The best time at the drag strip at this level is 10.46 at 137.5 mph, weighing 3,360 lbs.

Engine machine work done by Phillips Racing Engines in Grove City.  Assembly and specs were done by me. Engine modifications: Darton sleeved and o-ringed block, coated CP pistons, pauter rods, calico coated rod and main bearings, ARP head studs, ported heads with +1mm oversized valves, custom Kelford camshafts, Magnus sheet metal intake manifold, Injector Dynamic 2,200cc injectors, custom fuel system, forced performance billet HTA86 turbo, Perrin FMIC, and Hydra Engine management system. Some fabrication done by Slowmotion Motorsports.