2011 Mercedes Benz AMG SLS - Owned by Mathew Snider

When taking a look at the new AMG SLS with its gull-wing doors spread open, I am reminded of a “bird of prey” getting ready to swoop down on an unknowing victim. This, in fact, is true: this German monster of a muscle car is not to be taken lightly on the street or the racetrack. The first time I sat down inside this beast and fired up the motor and heard the rumble of the exhaust, I could feel the car shake from side to side when pumping the throttle. This is not the normal feel you get from a Benz product (even though I have a low 11-second sleeper E63 sitting right next to the SLS, which has already put a beat down on a number of “10-second” cars in town), especially one that has a stock exhaust. 

The SLS is the first hand-built AMG production car sold by Mercedes Benz in the United States, and the wait time is more than a year to have one built by AMG. The Sniders do not like waiting for anything, so I had Brian Kramer at Germain Mercedes go straight to the top of AMG and get a car built to our specs and delivered in time for the summer season. Brian delivered as usual and we had an SLS ready to modify and started taking it to shows and photo shoots. The SLS sits on a custom-built set of Vellano wheels by the Wheel Medic, a 22-inch on the rear and a 21-inch on the front. Vellano has photos of the car already in publication and on view at this year’s SEMA show. Custom brakes were also put on by the Wheel Medic, along with clear bra and window tint by AAP. 

This latest addition to our stable of exotic cars is a “roadster” in every sense of the word, from the roar of the exhaust to the torque produced by the 6.3 big block motor. The white exterior when put together with the red interior gives to SLS that extra unique quality that sets it apart from the crowd. The SLS is pure excitement to drive; the look on a person’s face when the gull-wing doors open is just a bonus.