1970 Triumph TR6R Tiger - Owned by Denver Fowler

My interest in motorcycles began at an early age. I remember hearing stories from my grandma (Helen Moran) about my grandpa (the late Fritz Moran) racing his motorcycles on dirt tracks and doing endurance runs in the early 1900s. My grandma always said she never dated a guy back then unless he had a motorcycle. She met my grandpa, and the rest is history. My grandpa was a member of both the Ohioans Motorcycle Club and the America Motorcycle Association for many years. The motorcycle he rode was an early 1900s Indian Scout. He also worked at an Indian Motorcycle shop on the west side of Columbus before being deployed for World War II where he was a tank commander in the Army. He fought in two major campaigns, The Battle of the Bulge and Normandy. He was sent home after he suffered an injury when a tank in his platoon exploded nearby and shrapnel hit him in the back of his head. He was awarded the Purple Heart. When he came home, he never rode a motorcycle again. 

I was also influenced by my uncles who rode with and befriended several motorcycle clubs including the infamous Hells Angels, Mescaleros, B.O.A.R., Brothers of the Wheel, and the Outlaws, throughout Ohio as well as in Southern California. Their stories about the motorcycle clubs they rode with and all the different bikes they owned and built was always fascinating to me. They each still own a Harley today and ride often.

I have never had any interest in buying a newer bike; they just do not have the same feel or look. I have intently been looking to buy a motorcycle since I was 18 years old, but it was not until this past year that I found the bike I have been looking for. This bike has everything I have ever wanted in a motorcycle. The bike was built and designed from the ground up by Chris Kay. It is very stripped down and I like it that way aesthetically. Below are the highlighted design specs and modifications. You can also view more images of the bike at: christopherkay.com