2001 Corvette coupe - Owned by Dan Shillingburg

Having been a car lover since I was 12 years old, I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to own a variety of performance cars over the years. Currently, I’m the proud owner of a 1965 Corvette roadster and a 2001 Corvette coupe. The coupe is by far my all-time favorite – probably because it’s the one I’ve personalized the most. I purchased the car new with the simple plan to enjoy it on nice days. I drove it a lot for the first couple of years I owned it, but soon I felt the need to really make it my own.

First, to make it sound even more aggressive than the standard Corvette, I installed an aftermarket intake and exhaust system. Little did I know this would become the catalyst for many more modifications. Appearance modifications came next, and these began with the engine compartment. Nearly every piece under the hood is chrome, but those that aren’t have been customized with hand-painted graphics. I then turned my attention to the interior. The original gray leather looked a little uninspiring so, I had it re-upholstered, adding red leather trim and making it look even more like a Buckeye’s car. I also updated the audio system with a touch-screen radio and a built-in navigation system. 

I went back to the engine compartment for further modifications, but this time, instead of unique appearance, I was looking for more power. A chrome-plated Magnuson supercharger was installed along with additional engine and drivetrain upgrades. With a few other modifications, this resulted in an increase of more than 200 horsepower over the stock Corvette.  I was well on my way to having built a Corvette unlike many seen on the roads today, but I felt the car was still missing something. I contacted a local airbrush artist to create a customized paint job with “realistic” flames on the raised hood’s exterior and another hand-painted element, a mural depiction of the car, on the underside of the hood.

At this point, I think the car is complete. It comfortably reaches 11-second times in the quarter mile, yet has very good street manners and achieves a respectable 30 miles per gallon when not on the drag strip.