2007 Aston Martin Vantage V8 - Owned by Vivian James

Maybe it was because my father had one, maybe it was all those James Bond movies we watched growing up, or maybe it was simply something far too beautiful not to have; then again, does anyone really want to look for a reason not to own an Aston Martin?

Just like Dad’s, mine is silver, a 2007 Vantage with 380HP 4.3L flat plane crank V8, and this chick knows that uneven firing order is what makes for the exotic European exhaust note versus typical V8 muscle car rumble.

Sure there are faster cars, and yes, there are nicer ones, but I haven’t found any that fit quite like the glove my Aston feels like. There is no mistaking the shape of an AM for any other make of car, so it makes sense the Vantage gets five times as many looks as any Porsche I’ve owned. It is also much more rare.

Everything inside is hand-stitched leather or suede, performed and put together the same way in the same factory that AMs have been built in for the better part of a century. While new car smell is something most people seem to fancy, this car was my own personal catnip for the first 18 months it smelled of the factory it was born in. It is truly a scent I will never forget.

While I must admit I’ve raced a few boys who probably thought this girl didn’t know how to drive her significant other’s car, my favorite kind of driving happens in late spring or early fall, when it’s nice enough to drive with the windows down, seat heaters on, of course, and enjoy the fresh cool air while tackling a twisty two-lane back road in Southern Ohio.