2006 CLS55 AMG

From the moment I laid my eyes on the new and radically designed Mercedes CLS, which as I recall was in June of 2005, I knew instantly it would be my next purchase. By this point in my life, I had already been diagnosed as a true gearhead by both friends and family, so I wasn’t altogether surprised that I found myself drawn to the ultra-sleek four door. Strangely, it wasn’t the 469HP from the factory supercharged hand-assembled V8 engine, or the slick and beefy 5-speed automatic gearbox, but the exterior design of the car that made it irresistible to me. The overall shape and design execution can only be described as “timeless,” which stands out even more so today in an era where function has begun to precede form. As such, my CLS55 garners as much attention from onlookers now as it did the day I brought it home from the dealer. It is, at least in my opinion, one of the few modern cars that will forever be remembered for its ground-breaking yet classic styling.

My CLS has gone through many different upgrades to enhance both performance and handling beyond factory limitations. Driveline modifications include MHP v3 CDT (ECU/TCU Tuning), MHP 178mm Crank Pulley (allowing the 2.3L IHI twin screw supercharger to belt out another 5psi of boost) and some cooling upgrades including a thermostat, heat exchanger and upgraded intercooler pump also by MHP.

Helping to keep the car shiny side up, despite the added power and torque, are carbon fiber front and rear diffusers which aid handling by adding aerodynamic downforce at speed. Last, in order to bring the 4,400-pound missile to a hault as quickly as it accelerates, lighter compound rotors with more aggressive pads were installed. With final output figures in the neighborhood of 624HP and 750-per-feet of torque, it’s clear this CLS AMG is no poser, even if that happens to be one of its best attributes.