1985 Porsche Carrera

The saga of my ‘85 Carrera started with a strange passion for German cars I developed in high school. I was so crazy for Porsche that I built a custom VW Bug that had a Porsche whale tail. If I could not have the car of my dreams, I would make due the best I could. My dream car was the new 1985 Carrera.

Fast-forward 28 years. I am sitting in front of an eBay auction and winning a car in New York. The next thing I know, I am on a plane to pick this thing up. I drove the car back from New York in terrible condition, hard rain and snow. Man that was a real kick on old, bald Comp TA tires. 

My plan was to drive it daily and go to a few track days at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. So, that is just what I did. For four years, the car and I bonded; we ran some track days, ran up some bills, and we both got faster. Unfortunately, for the car to go any faster it was going to be expensive. So I pieced together the go-fast stuff from swap meets and eBay sales. Then, I drafted a few of my new friends from the Porsche club and started to go “track.” 

My Porsche seemed happy about the move to track-only service, so I rewarded it with a few upgrades. The car received custom-built Koni racing shocks, Elephant racing torsion bars, Weltmeister sway bars, racing bushings, racing seats and safety gear, upgraded brakes, and some much-needed maintenance. In kind, the car rewarded me with much faster track times. Again we bonded. But the happy marriage was to hit a few bumps in the road. Nothing too serious; nothing a facelift could not fix. So my car went to a “getaway” spa in Dayton, Ohio, for some Egyptian magic. The team of surgeons at the Egyptian body shop gave the car a facelift, rustosuction, and a full-body resurface. It was painful, but worth it.

I would like to thank the many people who have helped keep this relationship together: Stan Crawford (Buckeye Tire), Byers Imports, Chip Vance (Auto Assets), Jeff Brubaker (Kraftwerks), Don Boeke (Egyptian Body), the entire MORPCA crew, and my wife for putting up with all this nonsense.