Optimus 2006 Dodge Ram Megacab 4x4 Dually

Optimus started life as a rather plain 2006 Dodge Ram Megacab 4x4 dually; however, it remained so for only a few short days. The technicians at Lamborghini Ohio in Marysville began what would be a 6-month transformation from basic truck to diesel-powered monster. The work would be finished by Nate Millison, now of Covert Tuning Dynamics, the high-end division of IPS Motorsports.

I knew that one of the main functions of Optimus would be towing my 30' tri-axle trailer so I devised massive improvements to the engine. Nearly every bit and piece was upgraded. From adding twin-turbos, news cams, and head studs to a custom intake, exhaust system, fuel system, water methanol injection, and custom, on-demand tuning, Optimus went from a measly 300 rear wheel horsepower to 1200-plus. Torque has been nearly quadrupled to 2000 ft./lbs. Be it a 16,000 pound trailer or two Great Danes, Optimus will take nearly anything anywhere. 

Aesthetics were very important to me but not at the cost of function. A custom Thuren suspension was designed that lifted the truck only the absolute minimum amount (4" front and rear). Custom black 10-spoke Alcoa 22.5" semi wheels wrapped in 295/75 mud and snow rated semi rubber ensure that no weather or road surface ever get in the way of getting to our destination. All the lights are LEDs; two custom cameras give great visibility; custom dually fender flares house the massive rear tires; Road Armor front and rear bumpers replace the wimpy plastic stock ones; and the entire truck is wrapped in clear 3M Mylar film that protects the paint from any environmental damage. One of the signature features of Optimus would have to be the 152dB train horn activated by a Lamborghini pull-chain; it emits a sound truly representative of the 10,000-pound beast! 

The list of modifications is so extensive that it actually fills up 4 1/2 pages of a Word document. Optimus truly is a custom, one-off machine capable of almost anything! Whether it's pulling a house down or being faster than most cars, Optimus delivers... in all weather.