Audi S6 - A Guy’s Car

I have had the lucky opportunity to drive just about every car on the market today, but I always seem to come back to Audi. I have had everything from the A4 to the A8. For me, they seem to hold the perfect balance between performance and luxury. I love everything from the exterior looks to the cutting-edge interior technologies. They don’t slouch in the performance category, either.

My love for Audi solidified the day I came across the S6. It is the quintessential wolf in sheep’s clothing. Many people will say that the S Line stands for Sport. I say it stands for Stealth. The original car to feature the LED light bars leaves most people wondering what they just saw. Most people think all they saw was a regular Audi A6 luxury sedan. What most don’t know is that underneath the unassuming exterior lies a 5.2 liter V10 Lamborghini engine that will hold its own against anyone or anything she idles next to. Pair that power with Audi’s all-wheel-drive Quattro system and you have one mean machine.

Although the S6 came from the factory pretty well primed, it didn’t take much modification to get it sounding and performing more Lambo than Audi. Changing the exhaust alone provided more front-end torque and a surprising horsepower boost. Not to mention the low grumbling sound that sends goose bumps all over my arms every time I start her up.

This car is the best of both worlds. It’s like a race car that has a Four Seasons suite built inside of it. I have it just the way I like and don’t plan on parting ways with her anytime soon. I know it’s easy to be biased towards your own spouse or child, and for me, cars are no different. My S6 is definitely my favorite.