Fisker Karma Ecosport

I received my Karma from Fisker of Cleveland the week after Christmas and was one of the first in Ohio to take possession of this exotic electric car.

Fisker Automotive is a new U.S. electric car company based in Orange County, California. The Karma is the first of many models to be produced by Fisker Automotive. The Karma is a pure series hybrid, driven by a pair of 161 hp electric motors that get their power from a 20 kWh lithium ion battery, supplied by A123 Systems. Once the battery is depleted, or when the driver engages the “Sport” mode, the front-mounted 2.0-liter Ecotec four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine switches on to power the generator that sends electricity directly to battery cells, powering the electric drive motors.

Although it has a gas engine to power the generator, there is no direct connection to drive the vehicle on gas, just the comfort of knowing you can drive without a limit to plug it back in. And when you consider the Karma’s 403 hp and 980 lbs. of torque on the back wheels, the longer the drive the better.

I learned about Fisker from some friends in California and became an early investor in the company. The Karma is exactly what they showed us in the pitchbook for the first round. I never thought it would deliver the kind of gas mileage that I am consistently getting. I am currently averaging 107 mpg on the past 1,900 miles. I have a 220-volt charging station at my house that takes about four hours to charge the car completely. Once fully charged, the Fisker Karma gets about 40-50 mile range on electric, and an additional 250 miles in Sport mode. I usually fill up the 9-gallon tank about every two months.

Another cool thing about the car is the quietness while driving.  e car does not shift gears, as it run on an electric motor.  The Karma has speakers that emit a sound much like that of a Stealth Fighter when you go less than five mph. Otherwise, it is completely silent. It sports 22-inch wheels, Brembo Brakes and is packed full of the latest technology, which is visible on a large touch screen. My four-year-old son, Landon, loves the Fisker Karma and refers to it as the Batmobile. Now, if I could only learn to fly ...