As long as I can remember, I have always been a car enthusiast.  And as a child of the ’80s, a love for movie cars commenced, for it was “Back to the Future” that introduced me to the DeLorean. After I found out such a car actually existed, it became a quiet obsession. I began rolling through microfiche newspaper and magazine articles at the library to learn all that I could – until the Internet arrived. The stainless-steel panels over a fiberglass body, gullwing doors, sleek Giorgetto Giugiaro Italian wedge design, and the rear engine configuration drew me to it. The DeLorean was different from any other car I had known. 
Fast-forward past my responsibility to complete my degree at The Ohio State University and my management career at Jegs High Performance. As I continued my quiet research, I typed “DeLorean” on Facebook, and a DeLorean¬owner also named Josh appeared, who was a member of the DeLorean Club of Ohio (more than 60 members). And so the inquiry began. My wife, Nicole, and I were invited to a club event at the Arena Grand movie theatre downtown, not far from where all of the remaining DeLoreans and parts were stored after being purchased from bankruptcy by Consolidated/KAPAK. After that experience, I became a member. Less than a year later, I was introduced to the car I own today. It is a 1981 model with a 5-speed. It originally was purchased and parked in a field for many years, slated to become a parts car like many others sadly. The previous owner had purchased it and put a lot of work into it to save it, but then the Peugot Renault Volvo aluminum V6 engine block had deteriorated from years of neglect. When I agreed to take on the challenge of ownership in February of 2011, I also took delivery of dozens of plastic bins filled with parts; the whole rear of the car had been gutted. Every available day off, I drove up to Bauerle Automotive in Delaware, OH where the owner, Dave (who works on DeLoreans), agreed to school me on how to put the car back together along with many updates and upgrades. 
After more than 150 dedicated hours and 3 months, I had the car running, handling, and looking great. The car and I had a lot of catching up to do; I had waited more than 25 years and the car only had about 17,000 original miles. In just over a year, it now has more than 9,000 miles added to the odometer. It often achieves 28-30 mpg highway even with the performance camshafts and exhaust I installed, bringing the stock 130 horsepower to near 200. The car gets a lot of attention wherever I go; it’s a camera phone magnet.