2009 Nissan GT-R - Owned by Mike Fette

Godzilla has arrived! The highly anticipated 2009 Nissan GT-R is here, and it is eating up the competition! With only 500 units for sale in 2009 for North America, these babies are on the top of every short list of must-have supercars. I purchased my GT-R through Buckeye Nissan with the help of James “The Salt” Morton, Tim Spires and Steve Anthony. This particular GT-R has a black exterior with frost grey interior (1 of only 12 in that combination), making it extremely rare.

The performance numbers are staggering for a 6-cylinder twin turbo car. Its zero to 60 is 3.1 seconds, and its quarter mile is 11.0 at 125mph. The performance only starts with lateral acceleration. This car is a civil daily driver that turns into a high performance beast with the push of the accelerator. Where the 09 GT-R shines most is with its unbelievable technology. There is a center display unit that is customizable for each owner’s use. It shows all vital engine information such as turbo boost, transmission temperature, engine temperature and all of the other engine diagnostic information.

However, the coolest functions on the display look like something out of a video game. They show lateral G’s, cornering G’s and braking G’s, all with the last twenty seconds of information the car just performed. Every bit of this info is downloadable to your laptop to help you track and to help you improve your performance. The GT-R is only available with the F1 derived paddle shift/auto stick transmission. Don’t be fooled. This transmission has lightning fast up & down shifts and a cool throttle blip to match revs.

These GT-R’s are made to perform. From the first GT-R, the ALSI, through all of the other generations including the Prince and the Skyline, these cars are race proven winners with unmatched success. The GT-R has been waiting since its early roots of 1955 to come to the USA, now in 2009 “Godzilla” has arrived. It was worth the wait!